Heat Treatment

Normalising and Stress Relieving

Our heat treatment services include normalising and stress relieving. Our oven will take profiles up to 3.5m x 2m in size and 6 tonnes inHeat treatment weight.

Stress Relieving

Cutting and machining can causes stresses in steel which can if left create problems in subsequent processes or in finished dimensions. To minimise the impact these stress could have we offer stress reliving.  Stress relieving is offered for both flame cut profiles and also our welded fabrications.

We stress relieve at a temperature of 650 degrees Celsius. After being heated the profiles are then left to air cool. The slow cooling speed ensures that the possibility for issues caused by temperature differences in the material are reduced when working on larger thicknesses of steel this can be vital in ensuring the required outcome is obtained.


Normalising is carried out when a customer requires a uniform grain to their profiles. The steel is heated to 800-825 degrees and then left to air cool. Normalising improves machinability and should be considered if a profile is going to be processed after being cut.

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