Lumsden Grinding

The UKs largest number of lumsden grinders

We have some of the largest lumsden grinders in the world and one of the largest collections of machines meaning there isn’t much we cant grind. Our maximum diameter on our rotary lumsden grinders is 126 inches (3200mm). Rotary grinders are ideal for large flame cut diameters and rings. Our reciprocating lumsden grinders are more suited for long flame cuts with a maximum length of 192 inches (4877mm) by 26.28 inches (667mm) wide. Our lumsden grinding services are available to customers that we supply profiled blanks to or for customers who wish to use us for free issue grinding.

We offer other services including flame cutting, heat treatment, fabrication, edge machining and drilling. We have a fleet of vehicles allowing us to deliver around the UK. Combined with the largest number of flame cutting machines and lumsden grinders means we can offer fast turnaround on orders.

Our production facilities are run according to the latest quality management standard (ISO9001) meaning that customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do from how we deal with customer quotes, to producing flame cut profiles to delivering to our customer and everything in between.

Our staff are skilled and experienced in offering advice and assistance to customers to make sure they get what they require so if you are not sure or need further advice on what may be suitable for your requirements then please get in touch with us.

01924 291655

Our Lumsden Grinding Guarantees


ISO9001 quality assured cutting, inspection and paperwork


All steel can be supplied with test certificate


UK wide delivery


Expert advice and assistance